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How to Benefit From the Dynamic Global Bond Fund

Arif Husain , Head of Global Fixed Income and CIO


We designed the T. Rowe Price Dynamic Global Bond Fund to be the defensive anchor in client portfolios. It’s custom built for Australian Investors and aims to:


  • Deliver sustainable income
  • Manage downside risk
  • Diversify from equities


The Fund is managed by Arif Husain and his highly experienced investment team, each averaging two decades of experience. The team selects diverse opportunities from across geographies, sectors and capital structures, seeking to help investors thrive in all environments, even in times of market turmoil.



How does the Fund work?

The Fund seeks to achieve potential performance enhancement over cash and diversification to equities by striking the right balance between core stable, return-seeking and defensive positions. The size of each position reflects the team’s level of conviction, liquidity and risk/return expectations.


Actively managed also provides us with the ability to manage against negative returns yet prepare us for the unexpected. This approach collectively allows us to seize opportunities and help our clients thrive in all market environments.




Income generated

The Fund seeks to deliver on its objective of delivering sustainable income by diversifying across geography and markets. With this approach, since inception (14 February 2014), the Fund has delivered an annualised quarterly distribution of 3.24% p.a. (effective 31 December 2017).




Important Information

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