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T. Rowe Price Strategy Focus on Global Impact Equity

Read more about our Strategy Focus on Global Impact Equity.


  • The Global Impact Equity Strategy seeks long‑term growth of capital by searching for positive environmental or social impact to help it outperform the MSCI All Country World Index Net Index. 
  • The strategy maintains a focus on companies that we believe offer a positive impact today and an underappreciated impact in the future, as well as sustainability and robustness of future earnings and cash flow growth.
  • Our fundamental research platform and dedicated Responsible Investing team—which is focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues—provide the breadth of resources and global perspective necessary in building a positive impact portfolio.
  • The strategy’s investment approach is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Every investment decision is aligned to our three defined impact pillars—climate and resource impact, social equity and quality of life, and sustainable innovation and productivity—in aiming to ensure material and measurable environmental or social impact as businesses address globally recognized pressure points. 
  • We quantify impact outcomes individually and collectively to form a defined impact measurement framework.
  • We actively engage with companies on ESG issues and apply a strategy‑specific proxy voting policy that reflects the dual nature of our mandate.


    Investment Philosophy 

    Our investment philosophy is founded on the following: 

    1. Four principles form our Impact Charter 

    Our investment process embeds clear principles of materiality and measurability and forms the basis for identifying positive impact for clients. We adopt a forward‑looking perspective on change, while aiming to ensure that all investment decisions are based on a clearly defined positive impact thesis. We also aim to be additional by capturing positive environmental and/or social outcomes on a global basis and by committing to use our scale and resources to promote and progress the impact agenda. Due to the very complex friction points that exist for our planet and our global community, delivering impact requires patience and an understanding of change. This is why being resilient in applying an impact‑oriented investment approach is imperative. Our approach aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), a globally recognized framework designed to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity. We believe this is the best way to align all stakeholders in the impact journey, encompassing our clients, our investment team, and the businesses our strategy owns.  

    2. Durability and time horizon are key 

    Stocks have the potential to deliver superior returns when the durability and persistence of earnings and cash flow are underappreciated by the market or where economic return improvement is mispriced. Adopting a long‑term view allows us to identify inefficiencies embedded in equity markets, especially in an era of change, disruption, and shortened time horizons. We also apply a long‑term investment horizon when measuring impact, given the patience and resilience that our environmental and social transition journey necessitates.  

    3. Secular change matters 

    Investing in companies that we believe are on the right side of secular change is key to unlocking improving economic returns in business models, especially in an era of shifting consumer, business, and regulatory preferences. While impact investing has traditionally been associated with private investments, the opportunity to own and engage with companies that create a positive impact is broader than ever before in public equity markets.  

    4. Research is crucial 

    Based on our fundamental and responsible investing research resources, our approach produces a holistic view of companies and embodies the different perspectives necessary to invest for future impact and pursue better investment outcomes. We integrate our stock perspectives to identify, in our view, underappreciated impact and mispriced economic return improvement on a truly global, stock‑by‑stock basis. We apply a forward‑looking, research‑driven, and high‑conviction approach to our stock choices. This is important with respect to prudent risk management, as well as alignment with the UN SDGs, as we seek to engage with the full breadth of impact opportunities that exist in an evolving and complex world. 

    Download the full report here: (PDF)



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