Effective tax planning can help you save money and fine-tune your investment strategy. Use the information in our Tax Planning Center to help you complete your taxes.

Understanding Capital Gains

Learn more about capital gains from funds and potential tax consequences.

Find fund distributions and tax form information

Dividend Distributions

View dividend and capital gains distributions for T. Rowe Price mutual funds and ETFs for current and previous tax years.

Find tax forms

Find the mailing dates for T. Rowe Price tax information and log in to view your tax forms online.

Visit our Help Center for information on how to download tax forms into TurboTax® or H&R Block.®

Additional fund and tax information


Tax Preparation Resources

To help you prepare your taxes, we provide a variety of general tax information and information specific to your T. Rowe Price funds. With the proper tools, tax preparation can be smooth sailing.


Review fund-specific tax and reclassification information

View information on interest on U.S. government securities, qualified dividend income percentages, reclassifications, and more for both individuals and corporations to help you prepare your taxes.

Tax Resources

Read about tax topics that may be helpful in preparing your taxes and planning for future tax years.

Learn more about cost basis methods to determine the right one for your tax situation and investing style.

Invest more

Ready to make your money work even more for you? Explore options for the refund you get this year and funds that may help your earnings grow.

Invest with flexibility

A general investing account can help you put your refund to work for all your goals, not just retirement. Enjoy flexible access with low fees and no penalties to access your money.

Reinvest now

When you file your tax returns electronically, you can get your refund in as little as 10 days. And when you use T. Rowe Price’s direct deposit tool, you can send this money directly to one or more mutual funds.

Consider a tax-efficient fund

If you’re interested in maximizing after-tax returns and long-term capital growth potential, we may have a mutual fund for you.

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