Explore the flexibility of general investing accounts
General investing accounts offer several ways to invest depending on your financial goals. Understanding the features and benefits can help you decide which one might be right for you. 

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Features and benefits

 Buy and sell assets at your discretion.

 Avoid early withdrawal penalties if you retire before age 60.

 No limit on how much you can invest.

 Continue investing once you reach contributions limits on retirement accounts.

 Choose from a broader range of investments than a retirement plan may offer.

 No required minimum distributions.

Two ways to invest
Mutual Funds

Developed with your goals in mind, our funds cover nearly every asset class and have consistently delivered competitive performance at lower costs than their Lipper averages1. Put our strategic investing approach to work for you.

Brokerage Account

Trade individual securities and invest in funds other than ours. Additional transaction and account maintenance costs associated with a Brokerage account may apply.

Types of accounts


One owner.
Minimum investment: $2,500

Joint tenant

Two or more owners.
Minimum investment: $2,500


Opened in the name of an already established trust. Can be a valuable estate planning tool or a convenient vehicle to make a financial gift to a child.
Minimum investment: $2,500


Gifts and transfers to a child that are held in a custodian's name.
Minimum investment: $1,000

Transfer on Death

Add beneficiaries to an existing general investing account held with us so that, upon death, assets go where you want them to go.
Minimum investment: $1,000

A word about fees

We know you’re concerned about fees. That’s why we offer low-cost mutual funds with no loads, commissions, or sales charges.

Annual Account Service Fee2

$20/T. Rowe Price account below $10,000

Closeout Fee3

$20 if the account is closed

For more detailed information regarding fees, view the Fees and Minimums section of our Help Center.

1 Source: Lipper Inc. 175 of 218 funds (excluding institutional and bank institutional funds as defined by Lipper) more than 6 months old had expense ratios below their Lipper averages based on fiscal year-end data available as of 9/30/18.

2 The annual account service fee will be waived if you subscribe to electronic delivery of statements, confirmations, and prospectuses and shareholder reports.

3 A closeout fee is deducted from each IRA or Education Savings Account (ESA) mutual fund account that is fully redeemed, transferred to a non-IRA or ESA, or transferred out of T. Rowe Price.

More account options

To help you reach your financial goals, T. Rowe Price offers a broad range of investment products and services.