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T. Rowe Price Account Protection Program

T. Rowe Price is proud to share our Account Protection Program. This Program provides you with assurances that your T. Rowe Price account is protected in the event it is compromised due to fraud.

Under the Account Protection Program, T. Rowe Price will restore eligible account losses due to unauthorized activity if certain requirements are followed. Account holders must follow these four security best practices in order to be eligible for coverage under the Account Protection Program:1

  1. Establish a T. Rowe Price online account and Multi-factor authentication.

  2. Maintain an up-to-date mailing address, email address, and phone number(s) on your T. Rowe Price account.

  3. Review T. Rowe Price account statements, confirmations, and correspondence within 30 days after that information is posted to your online account or delivered to you by mail.

  4. Contact T. Rowe Price immediately at 1-800-225-5132 if you suspect any unauthorized account activity, notice errors or discrepancies in your account, or if you are not receiving your T. Rowe Price account statements.

Additional security measures you can take to help protect yourself against Cyberfraud:

  1. Do not share your T. Rowe Price login information.

  2. Create a username and password that is only for your T. Rowe Price account.

  3. Select “challenge me always” to complete Multi-factor authentication each time you login to your T. Rowe Price account.

  4. Do not click on links or respond to emails from unknown senders.

  5. Protect your personal email account by establishing Multi-factor authentication.

  6. Maintain up-to-date antivirus software on your computer.

  7. Logout of websites.

  8. Monitor your credit report.

  9. Protect personal wireless networks with a unique and long password.

  10. Exercise caution when using a public Wi-Fi network.

  11. Create unique usernames and passwords for each financial institution and other major sites you use.

  12. Close or delete unused accounts.

Coverage under the Account Protection Program will not be available if you do not follow the four security best practices outlined above. All reported concerns will be thoroughly investigated to determine program applicability. Exclusions will also apply to losses that are caused by:

  • Fraud, misconduct, or negligence of the account holder or the account holder's employer.

  • Misuse, fraud, misconduct, or negligence of a financial intermediary or third party authorized by the account holder or the account holder's employer.

  • Activity by any person with whom the account holder has shared his or her username, password, or account number.

  • Malware or a breach of security that affects the systems of the account holder, the account holder's employer, financial intermediary, or other authorized third party.

  • External or internal transfers of securities or other assets (including cash or cash equivalents) to an account controlled or owned individually or jointly as applicable by the account holder.

You can feel confident

We use strict controls to help ensure that your online communications and transactions are safe and reliable. T. Rowe Price will not request sensitive personal information via email or text message. You should provide account information only through T. Rowe Price’s secure website, mobile applications, call center, or U.S. mail/express delivery.

For additional information on our security and privacy practices, please review our Privacy Notice and Security Page.

Contact T. Rowe Price immediately at 1-800-225-5132 if you suspect any unauthorized account activity, notice errors or discrepancies in your T. Rowe Price account, or if you are not receiving your T. Rowe Price account statements. Representatives are available business days between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET and weekends between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET.

Account security is a shared responsibility. Let’s work together to make protecting your account a top priority.


1The Account Protection Program applies only to T. Rowe Price covered accounts. Covered accounts are determined by T. Rowe Price in its sole discretion. T. Rowe Price will determine the applicability of the Account Protection Program and the type and amount of any reimbursement by reviewing the facts and circumstances associated with each reported event. The Account Protection Program does not cover legal or professional fees, tax consequences (including but not limited to tax filing fees, income taxes, interest and/or penalties), loss of opportunity or missed trading opportunities, or any indirect, consequential or non-monetary damages or amounts that are eligible for reimbursement from others (such as by a depository bank or through insurance). T. Rowe Price may seek restitution from the person(s) who committed the unauthorized activity that led to the loss. T. Rowe Price may require the account holder to assign certain rights regarding the loss, file a police report, and/or sign and complete an Affidavit and an Account Protection Program Acknowledgement Authorization and Release as a condition of reimbursement. An account holder’s rights under the Account Protection Program cannot be assigned to any other person or entity. The Account Protection Program is offered under Maryland law. T. Rowe Price reserves the right to modify or withdraw the Account Protection Program at any time.