Portfolio Holdings

View our exchange-traded funds' portfolio holdings.

Select the exchange-traded fund and time period to download the complete Portfolio of Investments. The Portfolio of Investments is the same for all share classes of a fund. Note that holdings are released 15 days after the calendar quarter ends and remain available for one year.

From time to time, a report may include up to 5% the value of an exchange-traded fund's portfolio securities, without identifying the issuer, under the caption "Miscellaneous Securities." This is done to prevent potential harm to the fund while it completes a buying or selling program in those securities.

Most recent holdings as of March 31, 2021
Fund Name First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
Blue Chip Growth View PDF   View PDF View PDF
Dividend Growth View PDF   View PDF View PDF
Equity Income View PDF   View PDF View PDF
Growth Stock View PDF   View PDF View PDF
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