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Our ETFs offer the potential to achieve returns that go beyond an index so you can feel confident in reaching your goals.

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T. Rowe Price ETFs follow the strategic investing approach that's been our hallmark for over 80 years, while offering investors increased trading control with no investment minimums. With access to T. Rowe Price's active strategies, our ETFs can be a compliment to investments that you may already hold.

How to buy T. Rowe Price ETFs

You’ll need to use a brokerage account to buy T. Rowe Price ETFs. Through our brokerage platform, you can buy our ETFs commission-free.

1Investment professionals as of 12/31/2023.

ETFs are bought and sold at market prices, not NAV. Investors generally incur the cost of the spread between the prices at which shares are bought and sold. Buying and selling shares may result in brokerage commissions which will reduce returns.

Some active ETFs publish a daily Proxy Portfolio, a basket of securities designed to closely track the daily performance of the actual portfolio holdings. While the Proxy Portfolio includes some of the ETFs holdings, it is not the actual portfolio. Daily portfolio statistics will be provided as an indication of the similarities and differences between the Proxy Portfolio and the actual holdings. The Proxy Portfolio and other metrics, including Portfolio Overlap, are intended to provide investors and traders with enough information encourage transactions that help keep the ETF’s market price close to its NAV. There is a risk that market prices will differ from the NAV. ETFs trading on the basis of a Proxy Portfolio may trade at a wider bid/ask spread than shares of ETFs that publish their portfolios on a daily basis, especially during periods of market disruption or volatility and therefore, may cost investors more to trade. The ETF’s daily Proxy Portfolio, Portfolio Overlap and other tracking data are available within the Resource section of each individual ETF fund detail page.

Although the ETF seeks to benefit from keeping its portfolio information confidential, others may attempt to use publicly available information to identify the ETF’s investment and trading strategy. If successful, these trading practices may have the potential to reduce the efficiency and performance of the ETF.


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