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2024 Global Market Outlook

Tectonic Shifts Create New Opportunities

The global economy has experienced major shifts in the past few years, and investors will need to keep pace with ongoing change. Economic indicators are distorted, and fixed income markets are vastly different. Equity markets have become highly concentrated but may offer new opportunities for investors willing to taking a broader view. Attentive investors can find reasons for caution, but optimism heading into 2024.

Three Themes to Watch in 2024


Navigating Macroeconomic Fog

Key global economies—the U.S. economy in particular—have demonstrated surprising resilience to higher interest rates. But headwinds are likely to mount in 2024.

Fixed Income

Rethinking Fixed Income

We  think the Fed will be slower to cut rates in 2024 than markets seem to expect. High yield and shorter‑term investment‑grade corporate bonds could offer opportunities.


Broadening Equity Horizons

Equity investors will need to cast wider nets in 2024. We see opportunities in Japan, emerging markets, health care, and artificial intelligence.


2024 Asia ex-Japan Market Outlook

We see compelling stock valuations and fundamentals in various parts of Asia ex-Japan as we enter 2024.

2024 China Market Outlook

The current downturn is an opportunity to consider some great Chinese businesses at attractive prices.


2024 Japan Market Outlook

Economic momentum and growth supportive policies underpin Japan’s renaissance.

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