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Many investment firms claim to be collaborative but, for us, collaboration is the lifeblood of our research culture. We test all our investment ideas across different specialist teams – the best way to gauge their true risk and potential reward. Our high-yield and investment-grade analysts across sovereign and corporate debt work with our equity and other specialist teams and our ESG analysts to build a 360-degree view of every potential investment.

Rigorous research

Our 700+ investment professionals* don’t just sit behind their screens, they go out into the field to get the answers needed for your clients’ investments. They’re constantly on the lookout, analysing the markets and the companies within them.

Deep experience

Our portfolios are managed by skilled investment managers who are driven by a passion for exploration and understanding. They leverage our firm’s size, resources, and rigorous proprietary research to go deeper.

Flexible thinking

Our people think independently but act collaboratively. They assess when to move with the crowd and when to move against it; when to quickly take advantage of market fluctuations, and when to hold tight.

Our Analysts

Curious. Astute. Experts in their fields. With diverse backgrounds-from medicine to geology-our analysts bring unique perspectives to their work.

A passion for exploration: watch the analyst’s journey

Our ESG Integration Approach

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis is one of many building blocks that make up our global investment research platform. We have invested in people and technology to develop a comprehensive, systematic, and proactive process for evaluating and integrating ESG factors across a range of asset classes.

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*Data as at 30 Sept 2021

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