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ESG Investing Annual Report



Our latest ESG Investing Annual Report details our comprehensive ESG investment integration, company engagement, and proxy voting activities. Among the key ESG themes explored, the report investigates how the energy crisis, coupled with growing geopolitical tensions, may have ultimately sown the seeds for a faster energy transition. Biodiversity considerations have also gained in prominence. The report considers the need for investment strategies to analyse the risks associated with biodiversity loss and the potential opportunities of biodiversity preservation. Lastly, the report puts the spotlight on climate, in particular how blending climate change dynamics into investment decision making requires not only the capacity to derive the right data and insights, but also the systems and processes to integrate them into investment analysis.

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Annual Report 

Click below to read our latest ESG Investing Annual Report​.

“Our goal is to help clients achieve their investing goals – whether financial, sustainable, or both. ESG integration is essential to this purpose.”

Rob Sharps,  CEO and President, 

T. Rowe Price 

Focus Themes Video Series

Climate in the Spotlight

Véronique Chapplow, ESG Investment Specialist, discusses why the transition to Net Zero is so important for asset managers, how T. Rowe Price consider Net Zero into their investment process and highlights some of the challenges ahead.

Counting the Cost of Biodiversity Loss

Tongai Kunorubwe, Head of ESG, Fixed Income, discusses the main drivers of biodiversity loss and what action investors can take to stop and reverse biodiversity loss.

The Pace of Energy Transition

Maria Elena Drew, Director of Research, Responsible Investing, discusses the main challenges to be faced within the energy transition, whether we are making progress and what we expect to be the main drivers of the pace of the energy transition.

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