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Never Stop Learning
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The pace of change is moving faster than ever, and it’s important that our marketers not only keep up with the rapid pace of our business and the evolving expectations of our clients, but that they stay ahead. Our marketers promote the company’s products and services while shaping the firm’s global reputation and ensuring that T. Rowe Price remains a strong employer of choice. 

If you are considering a marketing role at T. Rowe Price, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of new technologies and trends and their impact on global markets. With this in mind, we asked marketers at the firm how they hone their craft. Here’s what they said:

Learn While Commuting—Podcasts 

Marketing podcasts provide education and a respite from traffic during the commute. Podcasts mentioned by our marketers include:

  • The CMO
  • Business Wars
  • Campaign Chemistry

These podcasts feature stories, lessons, interviews, and strategies from leading thinkers in marketing—a collection of experts who “Campaign Chemistry” calls the “creative alchemists, business wizards, and marketing geniuses behind the world’s greatest brands.” 

Peruse Publications

To keep our perspective fresh, successful marketers look outside their own walls. One way to do this effectively is by tapping into a broad array of sources in pursuit of the best industry information. Among our brand marketers, favorite publications include:

  • PR Week
  • Adweek
  • Advertising Age
  • Forbes
  • Fast Company

These outlets offer perspectives on key industry and marketing developments. Adweek, for exampleprovides the weekly “Inside the Brand,” which offers lessons from top innovators in the industry. Advertising Age offers “Wake Up Call,” which delivers the most important daily news to your inbox. Ad Age offers “ICYMI,” a roundup of the week’s key marketing moves.

Nurture the Networks

Another way to make sure your approach is sound is by checking in with your colleagues. Our channel strategists mentioned the value of team sessions and professional associations (such as the Association of National Advertisers) to validate their thinking and stay on top of trends.

Build a Place to Play

Our creative strategists recommend that budding artists build a personal portfolio as part of their continuous learning. Portfolios not only showcase work, but they can also be used to test new concepts and tools. A portfolio also provides space to incorporate ideas from other industries. Our creative strategists mentioned inspiration gleaned from the heavily consumer-focused industries of entertainment, fashion, and luxury products.

A Commitment to Continuous Learning 

Our marketers’ commitment to their craft is one of the things that makes T. Rowe Price a special place to work. This dedication allows T. Rowe Price to serve our clients’ needs, both now and in the future.

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