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Balancing Career and Family as an Associate
T. Rowe Price really respects the culture of work-life balance. As parents, the kids are always our priority; at T. Rowe Price, we don't have to worry about that. People are understanding and know that we have to take care of our families.

Dolby Chan is a senior manager in the compliance department based in Hong Kong. In this Q&A, learn how T. Rowe Price values work-life balance. Dolby also gives advice to parents and caregivers considering a position at the firm.

The birth of her first child prompted compliance officer Dolby Chan to search for a position within a stable company that would allow her the work-life balance she needed to spend time with her newborn. Having weathered the 2008 financial crisis (a "financial tsunami," Dolby recalls), she was acutely aware of the turmoil in her industry. Around that time, she heard about T. Rowe Price and learned the firm was expanding operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

More than a decade later, Dolby is now a senior manager in the Compliance Department, and her now 8-year-old son recently drew a picture of their family. "The picture is of us happy, hand in hand," she explains. Today, Dolby oversees a small team dedicated to regulatory compliance. We recently sat down to discuss her experience working at the firm.

Before you came to T. Rowe Price, you'd heard about the firm from others in your network. What were they saying about working there?

I'd heard that the culture was very cooperative, people liked to work with each other, and they were accommodating. And also that T. Rowe Price is a very stable firm. I joined in 2012, a few years after the financial crisis. People were worrying about their job, but I was told that, actually, T. Rowe Price weathered the financial crisis very stably. I know there was some impact on some associates but not too much.

What does work-life balance mean to you?

When I joined T. Rowe Price, I had just given birth to my eldest son. I wanted a stable job that would allow me to have some work-life balance and take care of my son. I wanted to work and have my own career, but I also wanted to spend more time with him, take care of him, and see his first steps when he walks.

At T. Rowe Price, people respect your working hours. Of course, we're working for an international firm, so we cannot avoid checking email after work sometimes. But people respect your personal time. If there are urgent matters, like the kids are not feeling well, the managers are totally fine and have no complaints at all. My manager always says, "family first."

Tell me a bit about your career path as an associate at T. Rowe Price.

I started at T. Rowe Price as a compliance officer in 2012, covering investment and regulatory compliance. After a few years of working and building relationships, I was promoted to compliance manager and became senior compliance manager.

I have two members on my team. We're the bridge between the company and the regulators. We must stay abreast of the regulatory developments, assess whether they impact T. Rowe Price, and make changes to comply with specific regulations. We also ensure the existing business operations continue to comply with the regulations.

Could you describe your experience with the work culture and core values at the firm?

We have a small office in Hong Kong. When I first joined, I noticed that whenever there's any issue, people just work hand in hand and try to move things forward. People were willing to explore solutions together and try to contribute to different areas. Plus, people aren't just limited to their own areas. They invite different perspectives.

Overall, the company really demonstrates they care for you. Senior management is very eager to convey their appreciation for the associates, even when the markets are down. They let us know they see our value.

How does T. Rowe Price support associates to foster a sense of belonging?

Hong Kong is still under COVID restrictions, so there weren't any Lunar New Year celebrations this year. Still, within the legal compliance and auditing team, we put out a candy box to share with the other associates. This gesture comes from a tradition within Chinese families during the Lunar New Year, where the meaning is to share love and sweets with our friends and family members. So we brought a candy box to the office with traditional food inside.

What advice would you give other parents or caregivers who are considering working at T. Rowe Price?

T. Rowe Price really respects the culture of work-life balance. As parents, the kids are always our priority; at T. Rowe Price, we don't have to worry about that. People are understanding and know that we have to take care of our families, so it's fine. That is the culture of this firm, and I love it.

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