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Our investment analysts’ journey to uncover opportunities for our clients.

Our analysts

Curious. Astute. Experts in their fields. With diverse backgrounds—from medicine to geology—our analysts bring unique perspectives to their work.

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Our analysts’ work is a large part of our strategic investing approach

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Turning expertise into insights

Analysts immerse themselves in their area of expertise—such as industrials, energy, or technology.

Determine the most promising companies to follow based on specialized insights.

Conduct full securities analyses using state-of-the-art screening tools.

What they look at:

  • industry growth prospects and conditions
  • the competitive environment
  • valuation assessments
  • potential growth
  • risk/return characteristics
  • full corporate life cycle assessments
  • regulatory analyses


Armed with data, our analysts decide which ideas are worth a firsthand look in the field.



Covering every market in which opportunities exist

Fellow analysts travel together—often, both equity and fixed income—to study companies from every angle.

Meet with senior executives and front-line employees to get a deeper understanding of what’s going on in their companies.

What they explore:

  • worker productivity
  • modernization of facilities
  • quality of product
  • business execution
  • regulatory analyses


Round out the analysis by digging into what suppliers and customers are saying about the company.

Sit down with legislative, regulatory, and other public officials to ask about issues that could affect a company’s prospects.


Vetting and debating ideas with colleagues





Turn findings from site visits into comprehensive company evaluations.

Define pros and cons of investment ideas.

Make the case to discerning, experienced portfolio managers.



Deep understanding that informs better decisions







Portfolio manager makes a decision to invest—or not invest.


Renewing the process






Test and retest the case for or against a security.

Use continuous learning to inform analysis of future opportunities.