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Living the Core Values of the Firm
Even though I have a learning disability, it hasn't stopped me from being positive. My positive attitude is something that I carry with me everywhere I go; it's contagious in the best way.

Patrick Marcotte is a mail coordinator for T. Rowe Price global headquarters in Baltimore. In this Q&A, Patrick shares his infectious enthusiasm and insatiable optimism, which is always palpable in the workplace. Also, learn about his career journey, which began as a child accompanying his father on the trading room floor.

Patrick Marcotte wants people to know that having a learning disability has not dampened his outlook on life, "Even though I have a learning disability, it hasn't stopped me from being positive," he says. "My positive attitude is something that I carry with me everywhere I go; it's contagious in the best way."

For example, Patrick often starts his workday by sending associates an inspirational message. "It helps them start their morning right," he says.

The messages, which reach dozens of inboxes, are both strategic morale boosters and an extension of Patrick's personal brand. "It's kind of special," says Patrick. "And it's my way of sharing my contagious positivity."

Pursuing excellence with passion and humility

With his favorite AirPods and bright yellow water bottle (decorated with stickers that say, "Seize the day" and "I love summer"), Patrick brings his passion to the mailroom for more traditional kinds of deliveries.

As the mail coordinator for T. Rowe Price global headquarters in Baltimore, Patrick is an essential worker, promptly delivering letters, newspapers, and packages with efficiency.

"He picks up on tasks quickly and has grown his skill set over the years," says longtime colleague Archie Gee. "When I see Patrick moving, I know it's time for a mail run, because his timing is impeccable."

Patrick sets the tone in the mailroom with his punctuality and optimism, which has a positive impact on the workplace culture. His ability to connect on a personal and professional level with colleagues puts everyone at ease. Additionally, Patrick's detail-oriented nature allows him to easily recall mail codes, associates' names, and locations, ensuring deliveries arrive in a timely fashion.

That kind of attention to detail is critical for mail deliveries, along with his commitment to client service. In fact, "another satisfied associate" is Patrick's motto. "He's well-loved throughout the firm," Archie adds. "If an associate doesn't know Patrick, the person they're sitting next to does."

Charting his career path

Before his current position as mailroom coordinator, Patrick completed an internship with Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Services. He'd spend half a day in the mailroom and the other half with General Services, preparing beverage and coffee carts for VIP meetings.

Client service is clearly in his wheelhouse, but Patrick's journey at the firm began well before his official job there. His father, Bob Marcotte, is a trader in the Equity division and has been with T. Rowe Price for over 25 years. He has fond memories of a younger Patrick joining him on the trading floor. "Everyone knew him," Bob recalls.

Patrick has fond memories of those early days, too. "I liked being close to my dad, all the equity traders, and everyone else around me," he says.

So, when it was time to explore career opportunities, the firm was an obvious choice. "People were very helpful and supportive. They recognized that he was young and new to the firm and were willing to provide guidance, coaching, and mentorship," Bob says, acknowledging that people with disabilities can often face challenges finding and keeping employment. "And when Patrick got the news, he was practically jumping out of his skin; he was so excited for the opportunity."

Displaying the core values of the firm wherever he goes

From meeting executives on the trading floor to delivering packages and positivity, Patrick has an outstanding track record of exemplifying the firm's core values of putting clients first and pursuing excellence with passion and humility. He consistently puts the core values of the firm into practice, even before he steps into the building at 7 a.m. "I wake up and put a smile on my face," he says.

These days, when Patrick faces challenges at work (Mondays are especially busy), he powers through with a smile. "We do our best to get it done and keep things going," he says.

It should come as no surprise that his favorite saying is "carpe diem," or "seize the day." Patrick's learning disability is only a small part of his story—it does not define him. Mr. Sunshine, the "prince of positivity," or "P-Sizzle" (a nickname he received while working part time at a cafe during high school) are the best ways to describe this powerhouse of optimism.

"I want people to understand that I'm a very enthusiastic person," he adds. And if you see him passing through the office while listening to his AirPods, you might hear a favorite—"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" by the Beatles —piping through.

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