Citywire Sector Awards

T. Rowe Price achieved 22 Group Sector ratings as of 31 December 2016, ranking fourth in terms of the number of Gold and Platinum ratings held and sixth based on the value of medals out of 2,001 companies that Citywire tracked.





Past performance cannot guarantee future results.

Source & Copyright: Citywire. Group Ratings by Citywire for rolling risk adjusted performance, across all management teams in a sector, over the period 31/12/2009–31/12/16. Citywire take into account the complete stable of managers a group currently has in a sector. All the individuals' risk-adjusted performance over a seven-year period are factored in, as are moves people have made and changes in responsibility. The ratings are calculated over seven years and based on an average of their managers' three-year rolling risk-adjusted returns. Where managers have moved, their track records will follow them. A final score is generated for each group, on a sector by sector basis, with current stable of managers taken into account. Those delivering excellent levels of outperformance are placed in the ratings pool. Ratings are awarded to any group that is at least one third ahead of the average score. Within this top group, 10% receive a platinum rating, the next 20% a gold rating, the next 30% a silver rating, and the remaining 40% a bronze rating. Not all strategies included in the group ratings are available in all jurisdictions. The ratings are provided for information only and are not intended to be an endorsement, offer or solicitation for the sale of any product or service.


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