Automatic Buy

Put your portfolio contributions on autopilot.


Invest more for your goals—automatically.

  • Schedule recurring, automatic transfers from your bank account to your existing T. Rowe Price account.

  • Steadily invest through the market’s ups and downs—which may help lower your overall average cost.1

  • Start with as little as $100 a month. And because we know life happens: Adjust, skip, or cancel at any time.

  • Select from more than 100 low-cost, no-load mutual funds. (You must already own shares of a fund to set up Automatic Buy.)

Ready to put your contributions on autopilot?

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Stick with an automatic investment plan. Build up your portfolio over time.


Why automate your investing?


Save Time

Why spend time setting up transfers to your account each month when you could do it just once? With Automatic Buy, we handle your money transfers so you can focus on life's other to-dos.


Pay Yourself First

Directing money to your portfolio before you can spend it somewhere else ensures that your money stays dedicated to your most important goals.


Avoid Emotional Investing

Don’t let financial news or short-term volatility impact your decisions. Automation can help you tune out the noise and stay committed to a regular investment plan.


Take Advantage of Market Fluctuations

Investing consistently through all types of markets can help you buy more shares when prices are low and fewer shares when prices are high.1


Sign up in three simple steps.

It’s quick, secure, and free. Eligible accounts include existing retirement, general investing, or Brokerage accounts.3


Choose your funding source.

Select a bank account on file, or quickly and securely link a new account.


Select how, when, and how much to invest.

Invest as little as $100 a month in one or more mutual funds of your choosing, at a frequency that fits your budget. Adjust, skip, or cancel at any time.


Review, and submit.

There are no checks to write or investment slips to mail—we handle everything. The service is completely automated—and free.

1Investing through Automatic Buy cannot assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. Since it involves continuous investment regardless of fluctuating price levels, investors should consider their financial ability to continue purchases through periods of both high and low price levels.

2All investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal; they are subject to management fees and expenses. Unlike bank products, investment products are not FDIC-insured, are not bank-guaranteed, and may lose value.

3Available for Brokerage sweep accounts only.

Charts are shown for illustrative purposes only.