Tax Preparation Resources

To help you prepare your taxes, we provide a variety of general tax information and information specific to your T. Rowe Price funds. With the proper tools, tax preparation can be smooth sailing.

T. Rowe Price Tax Information

Tax Information Mailing Schedule
View mail dates for T. Rowe Price tax statements, forms, and packages necessary for your tax planning.

Access Issued Tax Forms
View up to seven years of your issued tax forms. Just log in to your account and choose Tax Forms in the "Statements & Documents" section.

Dividend Distributions
Find dividend distribution and capital gains information for T. Rowe Price mutual funds and portfolios in one location.

Fund-Specific Tax and Reclassification Information for T. Rowe Price Funds
This fund-specific tax, tax-exemption, and reclassification information on T. Rowe Price taxable and tax-free funds can help in the preparation of your taxes and assist you in tax planning.

Learn More About Cost Basis
Learn what you need to know about cost basis including covered and noncovered shares as well as choosing a cost basis method that best suits your needs.

IRS Tax Information

Tax Rate Schedule
Find your federal tax rates are based on your income level and filing status, for current and previous years.

T. Rowe Price Tax Maximizers, Assistance, and Tools

Direct Deposit Your IRS Refund
Invest your tax refund directly into a T. Rowe Price Individual Retirement Account, mutual fund, or other account to maximize your savings the easy way.

Importing T. Rowe Price Tax Information into TurboTax®
Automatically import data from T. Rowe Price individual mutual fund accounts, IRAs, and Brokerage accounts into your TurboTax return.

Importing T. Rowe Price Tax Information into H&R Block At HomeTM
Automatically import data from T. Rowe Price individual mutual fund accounts, IRAs, and Brokerage accounts into your H&R Block At Home return.

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