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The Client Connection:
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Who We Are

The focus of Global Distribution is simple and powerful: We engage with clients.

Across a wide range of dynamic teams and positions in the areas of sales, marketing, relationship management, client service and more, we are the client connection. In a company whose mission is to improve our clients’ financial quality of life, we engage with individual investors, financial intermediaries, and large institutions—all of whom put their trust in the investing acumen of T. Rowe Price.

In the process, every day we represent, protect, and build the global reputation of T. Rowe Price. We are the keepers of the brand.

What We Do

Global Distribution achieves its goals through a variety of priorities, actions, and skillsets. We are responsible for:

Understanding our clients’ financial opportunities and needs. We provide solutions and services tailored to each client’s unique situation. We deliver this insight and guidance via a variety of relevant channels, from phone to web to in-person interactions and more.

Delivering T. Rowe Price financial strategies in the vehicles that make the most sense for our clients. Using managed accounts, exchange-traded funds, traditional mutual funds, collective investment trusts and other instruments, we keep our focus on creating successful outcomes for our clients, doing whatever it takes to help them thrive.

Sharing the message and growing the brand of T. Rowe Price. Through the marketing of our products and capabilities, as well as individual interactions, we provide insights that help clients make better financial decisions, as we uphold and grow the T. Rowe Price brand.  

Managing relationships with a wide range of clients. Working with individual investors, financial intermediaries, retirement plan sponsors and institutional clients, we provide responsive, ongoing support and service to help our clients reach their goals.

Elevating T. Rowe Price’s position as the leader for retirement-related insights, products and results. We are committed to serving the largest overall financial need of our clients: retirement. Through a range of retirement offerings, our goal is to close the critical gap between what clients have and what they’ll need in retirement.  

Who Fits Here

T. Rowe Price Global Distribution is a special organization that attracts creative people who love working closely with clients to help them achieve important goals. We look for people who excel in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment where trust and mutual respect are key.

We’re interested in attracting and retaining diverse talent, and we pride ourselves on the breadth of our teams and the individuality of our associates. But even within that rich diversity, there are certain characteristics that many of our successful associates have in common:

A client-focused mindset. We’re moved by a strong desire to do what’s right for our clients.

Strong communication skills. We know how to deliver the right message in the right way, and perhaps even more importantly, how to listen to our clients.

A drive to solve problems. We are self-starters who conceive and execute bold and effective solutions while assuming accountability for performance and results.

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