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What Makes You Feel Valued At Work?

When you feel valued at work, you are much more likely to be engaged, satisfied, and motivated in your job. Feeling appreciated is also linked to better physical and mental health. Knowing that, what are the key factors that make associates feel valued at T. Rowe Price? Associates we spoke to believe respect + recognition make all the difference.

Before we can feel valued as an associate, we need to feel respected. Some associates we talked to said that one way to earn respect is by developing a strong skill set that can add value throughout the firm. The more associates that turn to you for your expertise, the more you’ll be contributing to the organization and the more valued you’ll feel. How do you get started? Associates recommend you:

  • Find an initiative or issue that’s important to the firm and become a go-to expert that others rely on. It doesn’t matter if it’s relatively small or specific. When you consistently provide useful solutions, your name may become associated with problem-solving, innovation, or another valued characteristic.

  • Look for opportunities to share your perspective with other associates. When appropriate, participate in meetings beyond your immediate team to broaden your viewpoint. This gives you a chance to help other associates while you learn about another part of the firm.

  • Discuss your strengths and ideas with your manager, which will allow them to connect you to new opportunities where you can flourish.

  • Pay attention to the strengths and perspectives of your team if you are a people leader. Be a leader who helps others thrive. Listen to their ideas and build space for brainstorming.

Many associates mentioned acknowledgment, for a job well done, is also key to feeling valued. Acknowledgement can show up as financial recognition or may come in the form of a new opportunity within the firm.

There are other types of recognition that associates say makes them feel valued, such as:

  • A simple thanks can go a long way. Taking time out from a busy day to appreciate someone is bound to make them smile.

  • Make it public. Whether it’s a successful project, a strong meeting, or a good idea, having your efforts recognized in public can help any associate feel valued.

  • Tangible rewards go a long way. When an associate gets surprised with a gift card or a free lunch as a way of recognizing their work, they’re likely to remember it.

  • Appreciate associates not just for their output, but also for the way they approach a problem and the unique insights they bring along the way.

Associates want to be seen and heard. They want to know their contributions are appreciated and their ideas are considered. Yes, the relationship between an associate and an employer is a partnership and there are expectations on both sides. Our associates believe giving respect and recognition are key to a successful partnership at T. Rowe Price.