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T. Rowe Price Offers Flexibility
Within A Collaborative Culture

The global pandemic disrupted society and the lives of our associates, seemingly overnight. Thanks in part to our technology staff, associates were quickly set up to work from home, for what we thought was a temporary situation. For over a year, our associates navigated home, work, and worry at unprecedented levels. In the face of significant challenges, associates continued to demonstrate the values of our firm. Work continued at a high-level, due to the diligence and integrity of our people. As we prepare for our return to office (RTO) in the Fall, our objective is to enable flexibility with where and how work gets done, while maintaining our collaborative in-person culture. The relationships formed in the office, helped us weather the challenges of unexpected remote work. Thus, it is vital to build a model that sustains our culture and supports the well-being of our associates.

Balanced Approach To Flexibility

Our flexible policy:

  • Offers remote work up to two days a week, for most of our associates.
  • Strengthens our ability to attract and retain diverse talent.
  • Sustains our culture through purposeful, in-person communication.

Value of In-person interactions

The amount of progress gained from spontaneous, in-person interactions, cannot be overstated. These engagements not only build long-term relationships, but also sustain our culture, which encourages diverse perspectives to challenge thinking and to identify the best solutions for our clients. Based on a recent RTO survey, the benefits of convening in a physical office are clear:

  • Relationship building with teams, stakeholders, and managers.
  • Heightened comradery developed within new hire classes.
  • Exposure to philanthropic in-person opportunities.

These benefits are important to our existing associates but imagine the benefits to the approximately 1,700 new hires onboarded during the pandemic. They will be able to connect in person, for the first time, nurture relationships outside of video meetings and learn how their colleagues approach their work in real time.

Test & Learn Approach

We hope our policy offers a balanced approach to flexibility, as our working lives continue to evolve. That being said, decisions are based on the latest available insights. We fully acknowledge adjustments may be required as we acclimate back into the office. Our policies may change, but our commitment to supporting our associates’ well-being and addressing the needs of our clients, business, and communities, is unwavering.