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How we invest. How we behave.

Our Approach

We identify environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that we expect to have a material impact on our clients’ investments while ensuring our operational actions make a material difference in the world around us.


We use analysis based on material insight to focus on
what matters most to help make better investment decisions.

  • For 85 years, we’ve focused on the rigorous
    evaluation of risk and opportunities. We bring
    this same philosophy to ESG investing.
  • We use our active management insight to make
    measured and deliberate decisions.
  • We give investors the ability to invest in ways
    to align with their values.


We adopt operational ESG policies and practices to help
deliver outcomes that matter most to the world around us.

  • We design operational action plans to address
    the most pressing environmental and social challenges.
  • We hold ourselves accountable by consistently
    measuring our progress.
  • We embed sustainability in our business practices
    so we can better respond to evolving client needs.