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Technical Assistance


A Web browser is a software program that helps you retrieve and view documents from the Internet. While the T. Rowe Price Corporate Web site is compatible with most Web browsers, our website is best viewed, and is most secure, using the latest version of these browsers. This list is reflective of the Corporate Page only. All other T. Rowe Price Websites may have different requirements.


Microsoft Edge  

Click here to visit Microsoft Homepage for updates.

Microsoft Internet Explorer  

Click here to visit Microsoft Homepage for updates.

Mozilla Firefox

Click here to visit Mozilla Homepage for updates.

Google Chrome

Click here to visit Google Homepage for updates.


Click here to visit the Apple Homepage for updates.


The T. Rowe Price Web site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher. Most computer systems today are capable of displaying this resolution. Please see your computer operating system manual for more details about changing this setting.

In order to better view Web pages, many browsers allow you to adjust the size of the font displayed. Consult the Help menu option within your browser for specific instructions.

Security and supporting software

To ensure a high level of security for our shareholders, we require a browser that uses 128-bit encryption. This level of encryption is one of the strongest levels of encryption currently available to U.S. and Canadian citizens. T. Rowe Price requires the 128-bit encryption to ensure the safety of your account data, and it is supported by most current browsers. The recommended browsers above all support 128-bit encryption with no modification.

Additionally, there are sections of our Web site that may require browser plug-in and supporting software. While the majority of the Web site does not require plug-ins, the following software is recommended to ensure the best experience on the site.

Adobe® Acrobat®

Adobe Flash Player

Windows Media

Additional technical Support

If you require immediate assistance, please contact our technical support at: 1-888-358-8490, or via e-mail at: