T. Rowe Price Privacy Policy for Retirement Plan Participants

This policy applies to the T. Rowe Price Workplace Retirement website, mobile website, and mobile applications (each a “Site”, collectively “Sites”).

T. Rowe Price* recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information. In connection with our serving as recordkeeper and/or directed trustee for the employer-sponsored retirement plan in which you participate, you may provide us with your personal and financial information and the plan or the company that sponsors your retirement plan (the "plan sponsor") also provides us with personal and financial information about you. (When we refer to the plan sponsor, it also includes your employer and plan fiduciary.) We treat this information as confidential and recognize the importance of protecting access to it.

You or the plan sponsor may provide information when communicating or transacting with us in writing, electronically, or by phone. For instance, information may come from applications, requests for forms or literature, and your transactions and account positions with us within your retirement plan account. On occasion, such information may come from those providing services to us or the plan sponsor.

We may use your personal information for various reasons, including to:

  • Service and maintain your retirement plan account
  • Process your transactions
  • Respond to your questions and requests
  • Provide information to your plan sponsor
  • Develop, offer, and deliver products and services
  • Help us understand how our products and services are used
  • Fulfill legal and regulatory requirements


The types of personal information collected may include your name and address, Social Security or taxpayer identification number, date of birth, income, account balances, beneficiary information, employment history, and contribution amounts.  We treat the information of inactive participants, former participants, and beneficiaries with the same care as we do for information about current participants.

We do not sell information about current or former plan participants to any third parties, and we do not disclose it to third parties unless necessary to process a transaction, service an account, as requested or permitted by the plan sponsor, or as otherwise permitted by law. We may share information within the T. Rowe Price family of companies as part of our servicing of retirement plans and their participants or in the course of providing or offering products and services to best meet your investing needs. We also may share that information with companies that perform administrative or marketing services for T. Rowe Price, with a research firm that the plan sponsor or we have hired, or with a business partner, such as a bank or insurance company, with whom we are developing or offering investment products. When we enter into such a relationship, our contracts restrict the companies' use of plan participant information, prohibiting them from sharing or using it for any purposes other than those for which they were hired.

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. Within T. Rowe Price, access to such information is limited to those who need it to perform their jobs, such as servicing your account, resolving problems, or informing you of new products or services. Our Code of Ethics, which applies to all employees, restricts the use of plan and plan participant information and requires that it be held in strict confidence.

T. Rowe Price offers several options for accessing and, if necessary, correcting your account information. (Please note that certain information about your account can only be corrected by your plan sponsor.) You can review your information using your statements or online services. You also may call or write us. Specific Internet addresses, mailing addresses and telephone numbers are listed on your statements and other correspondence or on our Site. You also can contact us through any of these methods if you have questions or comments about this page or our privacy practices generally.

Online Privacy Practices

Our Sites utilize a variety of technologies (such as cookies and web beacons) to collect, store, and aggregate data about usage. When plan participants and others visit one of our Sites, we collect information and use it in ways that are consistent with and subject to our T. Rowe Price Privacy Policy for Retirement Plan Participants. We may use your information for many purposes, including to:

  • Complete the transactions and services you request
  • Help us understand how our Sites are used
  • Improve our products and services to meet your investment goals
  • Personalize your experiences
  • Make you aware of our products and services


Following is additional information about our privacy practices:

  • How T. Rowe Price Safeguards Your Personal Information
  • Types of Information T. Rowe Price Collects
  • Information T. Rowe Price May Share with Third Parties
  • Third-Party Websites
  • How You Can Control Your Online Experience


How T. Rowe Price Safeguards Your Personal Information

The T. Rowe Price family of companies uses security tools and procedures to help protect personal information from malicious or criminal attacks. For example, when you use one of our Sites for sensitive tasks, such as checking your account balance or making a transaction, we use browser software programs that support encryption and multi-factor authentication. This helps to protect your personal information and prevent criminals from accessing your information. For more information about our security measures and technologies we make available to you, see the Security Measures section of our Site.

Types of Information T. Rowe Price Collects

With the exception of certain registered users, we only collect or retain your personally identifiable information if you give us this information during an online session. For example, if you request brochures and other descriptive information about our products we will use your information to respond to your request and as otherwise described in this page.

General Usage and Technical Information: We collect the following information about you when you visit our Sites, such as:

  • Pages you have visited and for how long
  • The country you are located in when visiting the Site
  • Technical information about your computer and operating systems, such as your Internet protocol address, domain name and browser


We offer you the convenience of accessing some of our products and services through mobile applications and mobile optimized websites. When you use one of these options, in addition to the other information described above, we may collect geolocation information.  Knowing your geolocation can help us in protecting your information and we will ask your permission before collecting it for the first time. 

While we track these types of information for all visitors, we are not able to link this information as specifically belonging to you if you are not a registered user. You can read more about registered users below.

Registered Users: If you are a registered user of one of our Sites and have enabled online access to an account, we collect and link to you all information related to your online session. For example, this includes the pages you visit and a transaction requested. Also, when you visit one of our Sites from your computer or other electronic device that is associated with your log in, the activity from the visit will be linked to you even if you have not logged in during that visit.

Third Parties: Information may come from third parties providing services to us or with whom we are developing products or services. For example, we may use third parties to help us collect and analyze information as described throughout this page. As another example, we may obtain page-view activity and other information when you visit the website of a third party that hosts or co-hosts material for us or from a third party with whom we are developing or offering investment products or other services. Also see the sub-section below titled “Third-Party Websites.”

Email: If you or the plan sponsor has supplied your email address to T. Rowe Price, we may occasionally send you follow-up communications or information. We may track the receipt of emails.

Surveys: Occasionally, we may conduct voluntary surveys regarding one of our Sites or other products or services. If you choose to participate in a survey, we will collect and use the information you supply as otherwise described throughout this page.

Tools: Some of our calculators, analyzers, and other tools ("tools") allow you to save your inputs for future use. Otherwise, your inputs are not preserved for your usage beyond the end of your online session. The collection of some or all of your inputs by us can vary by tool. If your inputs are collected, they may be used and potentially associated with you personally, as noted in this Online Privacy Practices section.

Information T. Rowe Price May Share with Third Parties

T. Rowe Price does not share personal information about plan participants for use in third party marketing products and services unless authorized by the plan sponsor, nor do we sell personal information. The T. Rowe Price Privacy Policy section describes our policies on when we may share information with third parties, such as when needed to process transactions or with companies that perform administrative, marketing, or research services for us or the plan sponsor. We also provide further examples of our practices in sharing information with third parties in this Online Privacy Practices section.

Third-Party Websites

On our Site, we may provide links to third parties that provide financial and other information that may be of interest to you. Once you've clicked a link and have left our Site, our policies and practices as reflected throughout this page typically no longer apply. You should read the privacy policy of the third party to see how your personal information will be handled on their site. To the extent we obtain information from a third party concerning your activities on the third party's website, our policies and practices will continue to apply to our handling of such information.

How You Can Control Your Online Experience

Limiting Use of Cookies and Other Technologies: As noted above, our Sites use cookies and other technologies for many purposes. Certain sections of our Sites require cookies to be enabled to enhance Site performance. For example, they provide a secure way for us to verify your identity during your online session, they enable us to personalize your experience on our Sites, and they help enhance Site navigation.

You can use your browser (e.g., Safari or Internet Explorer) settings to modify cookies. Each browser is different, so review your browser's Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies. If you disable cookies, you will not have access to many features that make your visit to a T. Rowe Price Site fully functional. While you may disable the usage of cookies through your browser settings, we do not change our practices in response to a "Do Not Track" signal in the HTTP header from your browser.

Limiting Use of Your Email Address: If we send you an email with information on additional products and services that may be of interest to you, the email will include instructions and links for unsubscribing from these types of mailings in the future. If you have online account access with us, you can change your email preferences with us (including subscriptions) by going to rps.troweprice.com/profile, logging in, and then updating your email preferences. While we will take your preferences into account when possible, please note that as a participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, we may, at the plan sponsor’s direction, continue to send you emails regarding the retirement plan and related matters.

Effective Date and Additional Changes

The effective date of this page is September 30, 2016. From time to time, we may change its terms. When the terms are revised or materially changed, we will update the effective date. You can determine whether there have been any material changes since the last time you reviewed them by simply checking the effective date. If we make a change that we are required by law to inform you of in other ways (such as by mail), we will do so.

*This information is provided by T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services, Inc., T. Rowe Price Services, Inc., T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc., and T. Rowe Price Trust Company.  These companies, which are part of the broader T. Rowe Price family of companies, provide various services for retirement plans and their participants.