Our investment strategies reflect a long-term philosophy.


We understand the value of a patient, long-term philosophy and the responsibility that comes with investing retirement assets. In fact, 68% of our assets under management are in retirement-related plan accounts.1

Our strategic investing approach has guided us since 1937. It takes us beyond the numbers, with more than 400 investment professionals going out into the field to get the answers we need.1 This depth of understanding informs better decision-making and prudent risk management. Our investment options include more than 90 T. Rowe Price mutual funds and fully diversified target date strategies that can help participants obtain an age-based asset allocation.

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Methodology Summary


See how our investment professionals go out into the field to get the full story for you.


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Paulina Amieva looks for e-commerce companies solving friction points that impede growth.


Uncovering breakthrough therapies in health sciences

Dr. Ziad Bakri believes that opportunity often comes from identifying trends early.


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Samy Muaddi explains how cognitive diversity provides a better approach for emerging markets.


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Rigorous Research

350+ investment professionals work around the globe1


Prudent Risk Management

We seek to manage risk and maximize value.


Forward Looking

We don’t wait for change. We seek to get ahead of change for our clients.


1 As of December 31, 2018