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The Silent 170K

Nearly 170,000 participants in plans at T. Rowe Price contributed $50 or less in 2016. Data show that this "Silent 170K" engaged far less than their peers. How do we gain their attention and get them to act?

By the Numbers

The vast majority of the Silent 170K contributed $0 in 2016


The average contribution of Silent 170K participants was $4 in 2016, compared with $5,366 for other participants


They're 50% less likely to open an email sent by T. Rowe Price, and 41% less like to log on to the Workplace Retirement site

The Silent 170K

At T. Rowe Price, we believe that changing employee behavior requires a combination of service offerings that motivate employees and make it easy to take action.

Plan Design

Auto-solutions and other plan design features have proven successful in driving positive outcomes, even for disengaged participants. For example, only 1% of the Silent 170K opted out of auto-enrollment in 2016, compared with 11.6% for other participants.



For participants who are facing immediate financial challenges, a financial wellness program can help remove the barriers that prevent them from saving for long-term goals, including retirement.

Engagement Today's technology means that participants are bombarded with media 24/7, making it even harder to capture the attention of disengaged participants. Our Participant Experience uses insights into effective technology and marketing approaches to cut through the noise.

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