Open an Individual or Solo 401(k) Plan

Make the most of your retirement savings.

About Individual 401(k) Plans

An Individual 401(k) Plan allows a self-employed individual (and their spouse), to make highest possible retirement contributions.

Step 1: Review the Individual 401(k) Guidebook (PDF) for product features and benefits.

Please review the Individual 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan Basic Plan Document (PDF) before completing the Adoption Agreement and Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Information and Services Agreement.

Step 2: Download and complete the forms, then mail them to T. Rowe Price

Keep the original Adoption Agreement (PDF) and send a copy to T. Rowe Price. Original Adoption Agreements submitted will not be retained. We will only retain an electronic copy.

The Information and Services Agreement (PDF) allows you to set up your account with T. Rowe Price and set up online account access via Plan Sponsor Web (PSW).

Use the Participant Account form (PDF) for yourself and your spouse (if applicable) to specify the mutual fund(s) in which you'd like to invest.

Step 3a: (optional) Download, complete the Participant Transfer-In form (PDF) and follow the mailing instructions provided on the form

This form allows you to transfer money from another Individual 401(k) plan to your T. Rowe Price Individual 401(k) Plan.

Step 3b: (optional) Download and complete the Invest Participant Rollover Assets form (PDF) and mail it to T. Rowe Price

This form allows you to roll over assets from a former employer's 401(k) or other eligible retirement plan.

Step 4: Get your Plan Sponsor website operator ID

A unique Operator ID will be mailed to you once your application has been processed. It should arrive within 7 to 10 days.

Plan Sponsor Web

Step 5: Activate and set up your Plan Sponsor website

Once you've received your Operator ID and temporary password, you can access Plan Sponsor Web, which allows you to administer your plan online.

Activate and Set Up

Step 6: Contribute to your account

Once you've established your Plan Sponsor Web site, you can begin contributing.

Make Contribution

A retirement account should be considered a long-term investment. Retirement accounts generally have expenses and account fees, which may impact the value of the account. Early withdrawals are subject to taxes and possible penalties. For more detailed information about taxes, consult a tax attorney or accountant for advice. 

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