ETFs Through T. Rowe Price Brokerage

You can purchase any ETF traded on an exchange through T. Rowe Price Brokerage. Among the most common ETFs are:

  • iSHARES - offering investors access to one of the broadest lineups of indexes available through ETFs. 
  • QQQ shares - representing the performance of the NASDAQ 100. 
  • SPDRs® - sometimes called "Spiders", these are a series of ETFs that invest in the S&P 500, the S&P MidCap 400, and various style-specific sectors. 
  • DIA or DIAMONDS - these are linked to the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 

T. Rowe Price’s Brokerage service provides competitive commissions, quality service, and fast, accurate order execution to ETF investors. In addition, a number of ETFs are available for no-transaction fee. Refer to the Commission and Fees page for details.

T. Rowe Price Brokerage also offers access to tools and research to help you make the right choices for your portfolio. Dividend reinvestment is available for ETF investments, subject to certain restrictions.

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Request a prospectus or summary prospectus; each includes investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information that you should read and consider carefully before investing. Visit or call 1-800-225-7720. To request a prospectus for an exchange-traded fund or non-T. Rowe Price fund, please call 1-800-225-7720.

To open an account or for more information about T. Rowe Price or T. Rowe Price Brokerage, please call 1-800-638-5660.

Leveraged ETFs can be complex and may carry substantial risk. Many leveraged and inverse leveraged ETFs are designed for short-term trading since they reset daily and seek to achieve their return objectives on a daily basis. Performance may differ from the performance of the underlying index and may not meet the performance expectations that may be suggested by their names. For more information, you should consult the website of the issuer of the ETF you are considering.

Brokerage accounts are offered by T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Brokerage accounts are carried by Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC.

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