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What does your future look like?

Speak with a T. Rowe Price Financial Consultant to identify your goals, review your portfolio, and make sure you’re on track for the future you’ve imagined.

Building greater confidence in your future

Wherever you are in your investment journey, a call with a T. Rowe Price Financial Consultant can offer personalized investment guidance to help you feel more confident about where you’re headed.

Your consultation at a glance:


Discuss your financial goals and what matters most to you. 


Review your current financial situation to ensure your portfolio is still serving your needs.


Learn about products and services you can use to make informed decisions.

What can a free consultation do for you?

You have a vision, and we can deliver personalized guidance that aligns with your evolving needs, wherever you are in your financial journey.

Portfolio Review 

Are you positioned for success? We’ll review your portfolio with you to help you determine if your asset allocation is right for your goals.

Retirement Planning

Are you on track? We’ll provide guidance to help you create a plan you can feel confident about. 

Guidance and Support

Need a gut check? We’ll share valuable information to empower your decisions and build your confidence. 

When it comes to investing, you don’t have to go it alone.

Call today at 1-800-366-5910, or

Preparing for your call

You don’t need to do anything before you call, but these three steps can help your Financial Consultant understand where you are now, and where you want to go. 

Consider your financial goals

Where do you want to be in the medium- and long-term? How far off is your retirement, and what does that look like for you?

Gather information from other accounts

Statements from all of your accounts—including those held elsewhere—can help you see the entire financial picture. 

Evaluate your asset allocation

Explore our Portfolio Optimizer to get a better understanding of whether your current asset allocation is working for you.

The T. Rowe Price difference

For over 85 years, T. Rowe Price has been helping people achieve their financial goals.
Our experts are here to support you every step of the way.  



Our associates are salaried professionals with no sales commissions or quotas—so you can be confident that your needs come first.



of clients were "Very Satisfied" with their experience after calling to "Research funds and other services" in 2023.1



We offer access to 140+ professionally managed no-load mutual funds, including a spectrum of funds across different asset classes, capitalizations, sectors, and styles. 

Ready to put your dreams into action?

Partner with a T. Rowe Price Financial Consultant that can help you create an investment strategy focused on your unique goals. Call us today at 1-800-366-5910.

Or, schedule a time that works best for you.

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Expert insights, more confident investing

Not everyone’s an investment expert. That’s why we provide dynamic content that can help you build your financial knowledge, and confidence.


Why purposeful asset allocation is key for long-term success.

Asset allocation and diversification are important components of your portfolio.


What’s the best approach for portfolio rebalancing?

There are advantages to letting technology help you maintain an appropriate level of risk in your portfolio.


You’re age 35, 50, or 60: how much should you have saved for retirement by now?

It’s important to make steady progress toward saving for retirement, no matter your age.

1Out of 146 clients who took a post-consultation survey and stated reason for calling as "Research funds and other services" in 2023, 133 of them reported they were "Very Satisfied" with their experience