Retirement Advisory ServiceTM

Partnering with you for your future.

Together with a T. Rowe Price advisor, you can envision the future you’ve always wanted and design an actionable plan to help get you there. 

Retirement Advisory Service serves clients with $250,000 or more in household assets. 

Your advisor can illuminate new opportunities that seek to enhance outcomes to your portfolio.

When you partner with a Retirement Advisory Service ™ advisor, you are an active participant in your financial journey, not simply a spectator. Our advisors implement and share strategies, resources, options, and expert advice so you’re included in your plan management and understand the progress you’re making towards your goals.

We want you to feel empowered to make even smarter, more confident financial decisions, using insights from our decades of investment and retirement leadership. 

Whether retirement is far away, fast approaching, or already here, now’s a good time to seek to optimize your plan. Let us help you.

1:1 Advisor Relationship

Your advisor is driven to deeply explore your goals and financial needs together, and often uncover unexpected sources of value or help you avoid costly missteps while making financial decisions.

Active-on-Active Management

Enjoy multiple layers of active management informed by our multi-asset team, with tax-aware approaches in mind.

Actionable Financial Plan

A detailed and evolving plan personalized to your needs and goals, created by a Certified Financial Planner™.

Income Solver™

For enrolled retirees and those about to retire, your advisor will leverage our innovative tool designed to provide personalized, holistic retirement income strategies, including coordinating Social Security and Medicare.

Competitive Value

Retirement Advisory Service combines access to an advisor and a managed portfolio service for an average net advisory fee of 0.50%.1

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Forging a path forward, together.

Chapter 1:
Getting to know you

The conversation starts with learning about you.

We’ll begin by investing time in you, diving deep to understand what motivates you, and what worries keep you up at night. This includes filling out a brief questionnaire to learn more about your goals and objectives, so that we can create your compliementary plan.  

And there’s no pressure. We’re committed to a client-first approach in a commission-free environment. Your advisor is salaried and backed by an advisory team, so you know they’re focused on generating value for your household, not landing a commission. 

Chapter 2:
Creating your complimentary plan

Your custom plan delivered to you, with questions welcomed.

Based on what we’ve learned, a Certified Financial PlannerTM will develop a highly personalized and actionable financial plan for your household, including investment recommendations for your portfolio. 

This isn’t a templated form with your name put on it, it’s a comprehensive plan created specifically for you by a CFP professional. Your advisor will review your plan with you, eager to answer any questions you have or adjust based on your needs. 

Chapter 3:
Ongoing maintenance & plan continuity

Update your plan as life happens and discover new opportunities.

While getting to know each other is a valuable first step, the benefits of an advised relationship grow as your relationship matures. A financial plan is a living document, one that should be updated alongside your life as it unfolds. Whether you’ve experienced a larger life event like marriage, passing of a loved one, or birth in the family; or something of a smaller scale, your advisor will update your plan – to help you overcome the complexities of the financial world.

Why T. Rowe Price is the best place to invest for retirement.


For over 85 years, our focus has been helping clients plan and save for retirement.


For the 10-year period ended December 31, 2023, over 70% of our funds with a 10-year track record outperformed their 10-year Lipper average.2


More than 90% of our funds for individual investors have expense ratios below their peer category averages.3

Past performance cannot guarantee future results.

People also ask:

Yes—you can receive a Financial Plan with just $250,000 in qualifying T. Rowe Price accounts or new investable assets.

T. Rowe Price account types that qualify:

  • Individual or joint accounts

  • Brokerage accounts

  • Traditional and Roth IRAs

  • Roth Rollover and Rollover IRAs

  • Revocable Trust accounts

  • Traditional or Roth inherited IRAs

  • Transfer on Death (TOD) accounts

The following account types don’t qualify or count toward the minimum. However, you can include them in your Financial Plan to provide us with a more complete view of your financial situation.

  • SEP IRA and SIMPLE IRA accounts

  • Workplace Retirement Accounts (e.g., 401(k), 403(b) accounts)

  • Education Savings Plan Accounts

Not sure if you qualify for this service or which accounts are eligible? We can help. Call 1-866-604-1321.

Our team of experts creates your personalized Financial Plan based on your current financial situation and goals. You benefit from our proprietary analysis and the insights of T. Rowe Price investment and asset allocation experts and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals. CFP® professionals are trained to take a comprehensive view of financial situations and have completed robust competency and ethical requirements under professional standards governing CFP® professionals.

Your advisor is here to answer your questions and help you get on track and stay on track to meet your financial goals.

Your Financial Plan consists of point-in-time planning, asset allocation, and T. Rowe Price fund advice for your retirement and other financial goals. Plan features may include:

  • Summary of your financial situation

  • Summary of your goals and our analysis

  • Retirement saving and drawdown strategy

  • Social Security analysis

  • Assessment of your risk tolerance

  • Your current portfolio compared with our recommended model portfolio

  • Recommended action steps

Plan to spend 15-30 minutes on the questionnaire. It is designed to gather key elements to help construct a tailored financial plan for you. Don't worry, you don't need to get it perfect, as your financial advisor will review this information as part of the initial appointment.

Your information auto-saves as you go through the questionnaire. You can pause and come back later to finish if you need to.

To save time, have the following information on hand when you begin the questionnaire:

  • Your annual income

  • Your retirement savings

  • If linking accounts: Your login credentials for investment accounts outside of T. Rowe Price

  • If entering accounts manually: Relevant financial statements, such as your quarterly mutual fund statement, year-end brokerage statement, or pension statement (if applicable)

Taking the next step is always a good plan for retirement.

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Our team is standing by to help you explore Retirement Advisory Service, and understand how we can help bring you better outcomes.

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Investments in the T. Rowe Price Retirement Advisory ServiceTM are subject to the risks associated with investing in mutual funds, which may result in loss of principal. T. Rowe Price does not guarantee the results of our investment management, or that the objectives of the funds or portfolios will be met. Financial planning and retirement income planning in the T. Rowe Price Retirement Advisory Service involve forward-looking projections that are based upon information provided by clients and certain assumptions about future events. Forward-looking projections are based on a limited set of assumptions and actual future outcomes may differ significantly from the projections; therefore, they should be used only as an aid for a client’s planning and decision-making and not as a guarantee of what will happen in the future.

The T. Rowe Price Retirement Advisory Service™ is a nondiscretionary financial planning and retirement income planning service and a discretionary managed account program provided by T. Rowe Price Advisory Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Brokerage accounts for the Retirement Advisory Service are provided by T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, and are carried by Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC, which acts as a clearing broker for T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc. T. Rowe Price Advisory Services, Inc. and T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc. are affiliated companies.

1The average net advisory fee for the service assumes the use of primary funds and neutral portfolio weightings. Your actual net advisory fees will vary depending on your recommended model portfolio, the specific mix of funds in your managed portfolio, and their fees and expenses. The estimated net advisory fees for the model portfolios ranged from 0.40% to 0.58% as of June 2023. You will also pay the fees and expenses of the funds held in your managed portfolio. The total cost you are expected to pay, including the net advisory fee and the underlying fund fees and expenses, is approximately 1.00% of assets under management.  For additional information on fees and expenses of the service, please read the Fees and Compensation section of the Retirement Advisory Service ADV Brochure (PDF).

2113 of our 298 mutual funds had a 10-year track record as of 12/31/2023 (includes Investor Class and I Class Shares). 85 of these 113 funds (75%) beat their Lipper average for the 10-year period. 206 of 294 (70%), 162 of 263 (62%), and 169 of 245 (69%) of T. Rowe Price funds outperformed their Lipper average for the 1-, 3-, and 5-year periods ended 12/31/2023, respectively. Calculations based on cumulative total return. Not all funds outperformed for all periods. (Source for data: Lipper Inc.)

3Source: Lipper Inc. 139 of 152 of our Investor Class funds (excludes funds not available for direct purchase) more than 6 months old had expense ratios below their Lipper averages based on fiscal year-end data available as of 12/31/2023.