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For over 80 years, our strategic investing approach has helped millions of people around the world invest in the things that matter most: From building the retirement of your dreams, to securing a bright future for the next generation. No matter what your goal, we can help.

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T. Rowe Price funds have delivered more return. More often.

Our funds have delivered better return on average than comparable index funds. T. Rowe Price funds beat comparable index funds more frequently—and with higher returns—than the average of all active managers. This has meant more money for investors.

That’s our T. Rowe Price strategic investing difference.


Our results stand on our strategic investing approach.

While all investment managers crunch numbers, we don't stop at surface-level analysis. Instead, our strategic investing approach takes us beyond the numbers to find the best potential investments for your portfolio.

  • Rigorous Field Research
    Over 525 of our investment professionals go into the field to see firsthand how companies are performing.3

  • Prudent Risk Management
    We carefully manage risk and seek to maximize value for our clients over longer time horizons.

  • Experienced Managers
    Our skilled portfolio managers have deep experience—averaging 23 years in the industry and 17 years with T. Rowe Price.4

We strive for superior outcomes. Not just following an index.

Your investments deserve more than just average performance. That’s why we combine independent thinking, rigorous research, and intelligent collaboration to uncover more investment opportunities for you—with a focus on delivering consistent, competitive returns.

You are at the center of everything we do.

  • Get expert guidance you can trust
    Our associates are salaried professionals with no sales commissions or quotas—so you can be confident that your needs always come first.

  • Keep more of your money with low costs
    Over 90% of our funds for individual investors have expense ratios below their peer category averages.6

  • Access our latest thinking and planning resources
    From powerful tools and planning guides to our experts’ perspectives on the markets, we offer a wide range of resources to help you make informed investing decisions.

Let us help you achieve your financial goals.

Whatever you’re investing for, you’ll find a broad range of investment solutions that put our guiding principles and strategic approach to work for you.

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Important Information

View the methodology of this analysis (PDF).

The performance data shown is past performance and is no guarantee of future results. All investments are subject to risk, including the possible loss of principal. Results from other time periods may differ. Active investing may have higher costs than passive investing and may underperform the broad market or passive peers with similar objectives. Passive investing may lag the performance of actively managed peers as holdings are not reallocated based on changes in market conditions or outlooks on specific securities.

Analysis by T. Rowe Price. Comparable passive funds are (1) mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) classified as an “index fund” in the Morningstar Direct database and (2) in the same Morningstar category as the active funds being analyzed. All Active Managers represents the actively managed (non-“index fund”) mutual funds and ETFs in the Morningstar Direct database, excluding those managed by T. Rowe Price. The performance of the T. Rowe Price active funds and the All Active Managers funds were compared against the comparable passive funds using 10-year rolling monthly periods from 1/1/2004 to 12/31/2023. The analysis was conducted at the Morningstar category level analyzing all open-end funds and ETFs within U.S. Morningstar categories where passive funds are present. Oldest share class returns are used for analysis. Money market funds are excluded from the analysis.

187 funds covering 7,603 rolling 10-year periods.

25,134 funds covering 356,117 rolling 10-year periods, excluding T. Rowe Price.

3Investment professionals as of 12/31/2023. Figures include T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and its investment advisory affiliates including T. Rowe Price Investment Management, Inc.

4Figures shown are as of 3/31/2024 and are subject to change. Assets Under Management (AUM) includes assets managed by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and its investment advisory affiliates.

5113 of our 301 mutual funds had a 10-year track record as of 3/31/2024 (includes Investor Class and I Class Shares). 82 of these 113 funds (73%) beat their Lipper average for the 10-year period. 196 of 280 (70%), 134 of 251 (53%), and 157 of 236 (67%) of T. Rowe Price funds outperformed their Lipper average for the 1-, 3-, and 5-year periods ended 3/31/2024, respectively. Calculations based on cumulative total return. Not all funds outperformed for all periods. (Source for data: Lipper Inc.)

6Source: Lipper Inc. 140 of 153 of our Investor Class funds (excludes funds not available for direct purchase) more than 6 months old had Gross Expense Ratios below their Lipper averages based on fiscal year-end data available as of 3/31/2024.