Nurturing Change

Global Impact Credit Strategy

Our strategy aims to invest in companies that create positive and measurable impact while also seeking outperformance.

In 2021, T. Rowe Price expanded its impact range and launched its first impact credit strategy. The T. Rowe Price Global Impact Credit Strategy targets durable growing businesses who have a clearly identified impact thesis aligned to three key pillars: climate and resource impact, social equity and quality of life, and sustainable innovation and productivity. 

Public fixed income offers a fertile ground for impact investment opportunities. The market can facilitate the flow of capital from investors to the very projects and institutions that we believe are best placed to drive positive environmental and/or social impact.


Hear Our Portfolio Manager

In this short video, Matt Lawton defines additionality, its role in impact investing, and how this applies to fixed income. He discusses how additionality works in practice, provides tangible examples, and talks about why it is so important for impact investing.


The need for impact investing is greater than ever

Matt Lawton, Portfolio Manager of the Global Impact Credit Strategy, shares his thoughts on the challenges of managing an impact portfolio and how he plans to overcome them.


Impact Investing in Credit: Debunking Four Common Misconceptions

We attempt to debunk four popular myths about impact investing, as well as showing how T. Rowe Price’s Global Impact Credit Strategy addresses them.

Global Impact Credit Strategy Annual Report

Our inaugural impact annual report articulates the decisions we have taken in the context of our core investment principles. Specifically, it aims to share with you the impact that those decisions have made on our environment and society​.

Matt Lawton introduces our inaugural annual impact report.

Case Studies

Climate and Resource Impact 


Social Equity & Quality of Life


Sustainable Innovation & Productivity


Latest Insights

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