Glide Path Design

Evolution With Purpose

Kim DeDominicis, Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset
Lorie Latham, CFA, Senior Defined Contribution Strategist

An Informed, Research-Based Approach to Better Retirement Outcomes

Key Insights
  • Glide paths underlying target date solutions must represent multiple life-cycle phases leading up to and through a participant’s retirement because they are the most commonly used qualified default investment alternative in defined contribution plans.
  • There is value in evolving the way glide path strategies are assessed relative to the evolving retirement needs of participants.
  • It is equally valuable for plan sponsors to consider the multiple forms of “risk” that are present within the retirement life cycle and to understand the corresponding trade-offs of mitigating each of these risks.
  • Taking the time to assess the relative importance of each phase of a glide path will allow plan sponsors to understand the proportional impact on outcomes for retirement savers.
  • Evolving the glide path assessment process may help plan sponsors ensure that target date products and their glide paths are well understood and chosen in accordance with their plans’ long-term goals and their participants’ retirement needs

The role of a plan sponsor requires decision-making that has a critical impact on the retirement outcomes of their participants. These decisions require careful evaluation that is both complicated, and vital to get right. Recent T. Rowe Price research indicates that plan sponsors have a sharpened focus on delivering better retirement outcomes for participants. Last year, we published a paper called “Three Questions Today for Better Outcomes Tomorrow” to begin to distill the complex evaluation process of assessing a qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) solution into a few key questions.

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