Before You Crunch the Numbers

Visualize Retirement

Explore a new way to help clients visualize and prepare for the nonfinancial aspects of retirement.


The Visualize Retirement program was honored with the Investor Experiential Education award1. Hear what the judges had to say:

Opening Quote The campaign provides comprehensive content to assist plan sponsors in efforts to educate and engage their participants. Closing Quote
Opening Quote T. Rowe Price has taken a unique approach to help investors prepare for retirement as they tap into the emotional and psychological realm of thinking… It’s a comprehensive program that offers a wealth of resources. Closing Quote

Visualize the nonfinancial side of retirement

Retiring well is about more than just a number. And while it’s important to make sure your clients are financially prepared, many preretirees have a retirement planning need that goes largely unaddressed: the lifestyle and emotional changes that retirement brings. In fact, only 35% of 50- to 59-year-olds say they have made a serious effort to prepare for the emotional aspects of retirement.

Using presentations, a vision workbook, and an ongoing stream of quick-hitting insights drawn from actual retiree behaviors, Visualize Retirement offers you the opportunity to build stronger, more holistic relationships with preretirees.

65% of 50 to 59 year-olds say they have not made a serious effort to prepare for the emotional aspects of retirement.

Qualitative feedback from retirees has shown, and research has validated, that there are several key components of retirees' lives that impact their level of happiness:



An active social life in retirement has tremendous mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

Health Care

Health Care

It's not just the cost of staying healthy, but how they will care for themselves and the role they may play in the care of others.



Redefining or reshaping their identity during retirement is important for clients.

The 5 Ws of your retirement vision
Within these three core themes, help preretirees explore and define their vision through the five “Ws.”
  • Who they’ll spend their time with, and who will be part of their support
  • What they want/need to do
  • Where they want to live
  • When they would like to retire
  • Why: finding purpose and fulfillment


Complement your financial offer with Visualize Retirement

Visualize Retirement Advisor PowerPoint

Visualize Retirement allows you to:

  • Differentiate your approach to an underserved and financially mature demographic
  • Use an emotional approach to retirement planning, which connects directly to your financial offer
  • Align expectations with outcomes: Use the vision workbook with participants to clarify their vision for retirement and ensure they have a plan to finance their vision.

DC Financial Professionals
(Working with Employers and Employees)

Financial Professional Guide

Financial Professional Intro Presentation

Intro Presentation

Wealth Financial Professionals
(Working with Individual Clients)

Financial Professional Guide

Wealth Advisor Guide

Financial Professionals Intro Presentation

Wealth Intro Presentation


Reap the benefits of a focused workforce

Visualize Retirement offers plan sponsors:

Enhanced Workforce Flexibility

Employees with a clear picture of their retirement are more likely to retire when they want to, as opposed to when they have to, which can simplify key personnel decisions.

Cost Mitigation

If aging workers are retiring on time, their impact on payroll, health care, and workers’ compensation costs will decrease.

and Retention

Employees may be more loyal to an organization that takes a holistic approach to improving their retirement outcomes.

Some of the materials for plan sponsors will be available with a co-branded option.
Contact us to learn more.

Sponsor Presentation

Sponsor Guide


Tools for confident reflection

Visualize Retirement Workshop

Visualize Retirement for Participants

Our Visualize Retirement materials are designed to go beyond the usual retirement clichés and get participants thinking about how their day-to-day lives, their relationships, and their health could look during retirement.

  • Workshop – a presentation that gives a comprehensive overview of the Visualize Retirement program.
  • Workbook – can be completed during the workshop or at home, either independently or with a spouse to compare and contrast responses.

Some of the materials for participants will be available with a co-branded option. 
Contact us to learn more.

Participant Workshop

Participant Workbook

On Demand Participant Workshop Video

Share the "Create Your Retirement Vision" video with your plan sponsor and participant clients as an on demand, self-serve Visualize Retirement Workshop. No meeting required! Ask participants to bring their completed Workbook to a one-on-one session with you so you can marry their retirement vision to the financial planning side of the equation. Alternatively, you can use the Create Your Retirement Vision video as a training if you wish to deliver the Participant Workshop presentation directly to participants.

1The STAR Awards program was developed in 1996 to honor best-in-class industry efforts in the areas of marketing and communications. Since rebranding from the Mutual Fund Education Alliance (MFEA) to IMEA, the organization’s STAR program has evolved to focus on excellence in education by investment managers across investor, financial professional, and retirement channels. T. Rowe Price’s Visualize Retirement program won the Investor Experiential Education Large+ Asset Level category for firms with AUM levels of $150B+. The Investor Experiential Education category includes efforts that educate, inform, serve and/or communicate with investors in educational efforts that involve direct interaction with investors such as seminars, live webinars, trade shows, group presentations, etc. Participants were evaluated based on the following scorecard criteria: effectiveness, messaging, educational value, innovation, user experience, and design.  


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