Strength in Your Portfolio Begins at Home


1. Opportunities Remain

Despite a long run of U.S. market outperformance, many quality domestic companies are still trading at reasonable prices. Moreover, the relative strength of the American economy suggests that U.S. stocks can form a solid foundation for equity portfolios during most market conditions.

2. Change is Constant

Have you been ignoring U.S. equities in favor of other geographies or asset classes? Investor goals can shift, and economies and markets move in cycles. Examine whether you’re allocating assets appropriately.

3. Strategies Drift

The mission, management, and style of any fund can change gradually over time. Make sure your investment strategies are performing the way that clients expect.

4. Balance Matters

Over time, your client portfolios may have become overweight or underweight in certain regions, market capitalizations, or sectors. Review your U.S. allocation to manage risk and find the appropriate equity balance.

5. Expenses Eat Away

Management fees can impact the total returns of any fund. See how your portfolios are performing after expenses.

6. Taxes Take a Cut

Trading equities can be a taxable event for many investors, and high-turnover funds may be uniquely impacted. Are your clients investing in the most tax-advantaged way? Evaluate your client portfolios to see how you can mitigate the impact of taxes.


We offer a comprehensive suite of 30 U.S. equity strategies featuring the full spectrum of opportunities from the world’s largest economy. Your clients can access funds geared toward most sectors, industries, styles, and market capitalizations. Each strategy is carefully built to manage risk and maximize value for your clients over long time horizons.


Our First Growth Fund

We began our journey with growth investing in 1950 and developed a time-tested approach to finding quality equity opportunities that continues to this day.

Rigorous Research

More than 400 investment professionals go out in the field to uncover opportunities with an aim of bringing excess return to your client portfolios. 

Deep Experience

Our portfolio managers average 22 years in the industry and 17 years with T. Rowe Price.


Sixteen out of our 18 diversified active U.S. equity funds beat their benchmarks during a majority of rolling five-year periods between 1998 and 2018. During those same years, all 18 funds beat their benchmarks during a majority of rolling 10-year periods. 1

Past Performance cannot guarantee future results. For more information on the T. Rowe Price funds used in this study, including fund performance, please click here.

A History of Outperformance

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You can rely on our advisor services to help you find the right U.S. equities mix and achieve true diversification for your clients.


Important Information

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This material is being furnished for general informational purposes only. The material does not constitute or undertake to give advice of any nature, including fiduciary investment advice, and prospective investors are recommended to seek independent legal, financial, and tax advice before making any investment decision. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment and any income from it can go down as well as up. Investors may get back less than the amount invested

Risks: Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Diversification neither assures a profit nor eliminates the risk of experiencing investment losses. There is no guarantee that T. Rowe Price Funds will outperform their benchmarks.

1The study spanned the 20 years up to the end of December 2018 for older funds or since inception for newer ones and measured performance net of fees and trading costs. It covers 18 diversified active U.S. equity funds advised by T. Rowe Price, omitting 2 institutional funds that are clones of other funds to avoid double counting. The primary benchmark of each fund and the date of its inclusion are shown in the study. For each fund in the study, we examined performance over rolling 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year periods (rolled monthly) from 12/31/1998 through 12/31/2018. For more information on the T. Rowe Price funds used in this study, including fund performance, please view our methodology summary and

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