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2024 Global Market Outlook Midyear Update

How central bank policy could impact your portfolio

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US Smaller Companies Equity Fund

An actively managed, widely diversified portfolio of around 150 to 250 smaller capitalisation companies (below US$12 billion market cap) in the US. We have a core style orientation that maintains broad exposure to both growth and value stocks. 


US All-Cap Opportunities Equity Fund

The fund is actively managed and invests mainly in a diversified portfolio of shares or related securities issued by companies in the United States of America. 


Global Focused Growth Equity Fund

An actively managed, high conviction global equity fund for which we seek to identify companies on the right side of change. The portfolio consists of typically 60-80 stocks representing our most compelling bottom-up growth ideas, often derived from technological innovation and secular disruption. 


Global Impact Credit Fund

An actively managed dual mandate portfolio which simultaneously seeks both benchmark outperformance and positive environmental and social impact by investing in durable, growing businesses with measurable impact criteria.


Global Select Equity Fund

An active, style agnostic, high conviction and risk-managed global equity strategy that aims to deliver positive excess returns. Typically invested in 30-45 mid-large cap companies, the fund seeks to invest in strong businesses with durable competitive advantages across a wide spectrum of disruptors, secular growers, and cyclicals/turnarounds.


US Structured Research Equity Fund

An actively managed, analyst-driven portfolio of 200-275 stocks reflecting the team’s view of the most attractive risk-adjusted opportunities across the US equity market. 

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1All data as of March 31 2024, unless otherwise noted. Firmwide assets under management include assets managed by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., and its investment advisory affiliates.

The SICAV Funds are sub-funds of the T. Rowe Price Funds SICAV, a Luxembourg investment company with variable capital which is registered with Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier and which qualifies as an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities (“UCITS”). The OEIC Funds are sub-funds of the T. Rowe Price Funds OEIC, an investment company with variable capital incorporated in England and Wales which is registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority and which qualifies as a UCITS. Full details of the objectives, investment policies and risks are located in the prospectus which is available with the key investor information documents in English and in an official language of the jurisdictions in which the Funds are registered for public sale, together with the articles of incorporation and the annual and semi-annual reports (together “Fund Documents”). Any decision to invest should be made on the basis of the Fund Documents which are available free of charge from the local representative, local information/paying agent or from authorised distributors and via