Morningstar Fund Family 100

We are pleased to announce that T. Rowe Price has received the maximum High Parent rating in Morningstar’s latest Fund Family 100 research.  

At T. Rowe Price, our guiding principle is to meet the needs of our clients – Morningstar have labelled us as “among the best” and praised our firm for navigating turbulent markets with flexibility whilst keeping the fundholders’ interests at the forefront of investment decisions.  We have been recognised for broadening distribution, our rigorous research process, strong performance across asset classes, continued investment into our research team and expanding our ESG capabilities.

In this report, Morningstar compare the largest 100 fund families by assets under management and their funds that are available for sale across Europe.

In more than two decades of manager research, Morningstar’s global analyst team has identified three key areas that they believe are crucial to predicting the future success of strategies and their associated vehicles: People, Parent, and Process. These three pillars form the spine of their research approach, and they evaluate each of them when assessing a fund. Within the Parent Pillar of our framework, they look at several data points when assessing a firm. Some of these datapoints are included in this report:

  • Manager retention and tenure at each firm for their funds that are available for sale in Europe.
  • The quality of the firm's fund range, including those funds with share classes earning Morningstar Medalist Ratings.
  • The split of assets under management at the firm across different asset classes.
  • The split of assets under management between active and passive strategies.
  • The firm's fees and how they stack up within this group of 100 firms.
  • The average Morningstar Sustainability Rating™ for funds in each firm's range, and the percentage of assets in funds with Above-Average Sustainability ratings.

All data is as of April 2020. The full report can be found here.




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