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Local insights, global perspectives: Capturing Japan’s Corporate Awakening
Many investors have spurned Japanese equities in recent years, and for good reasons – the country’s long history of economic stagnation, demographic drags and poor corporate governance. However a dramatic shift in corporate culture is heralding an impressive array of globally successful companies, offering an attractive investment opportunity for selective investors.

Just like an owl’s ability to see what others do not; our experienced team based in Tokyo draw on extensive local and global research to identify robust companies benefitting from structural or fundamental changes that are mispriced by the market. That’s why we believe an active, research-intensive approach and local insight are key to delivering long-term success in Japanese equities.
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March 2020 / VIDEO

Japan Equities webinar replay

Japan Equities webinar replay

Japan Equities webinar replay

Archibald Ciganer discusses his thoughts on the short and medium term outlook for...

By Archibald Ciganer

Archibald Ciganer Portfolio Manager

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