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T. Rowe Price Launches Retirement Income 2020 Fund

New managed-payout fund designed to help retirees address the retirement income challenge 



T. Rowe Price (NASDAQ-GS: TROW) today made the Retirement Income 2020 Fund publicly available. The fund is designed for individual investors who are approaching retirement and would like to generate ongoing income from their accumulated retirement savings. This is accomplished through a managed-payout structure, which pays out monthly dividends based on an annual distribution rate. The fund serves as a complement to T. Rowe Price’s existing lineup of target date Retirement Funds, which began in 2002 and have long held a leading place in the industry.



  • The Retirement Income 2020 Fund will invest in other T. Rowe Price funds that represent various asset classes and sectors. The fund’s allocation between T. Rowe Price stock and bond funds will change over time in relation to its 2020 target retirement date.
  • The fund is designed for individual investors who are at or nearing retirement age, but dividend payments will be made to all shareholders of the fund, regardless of age or retirement status.
  • The managed-payout structure of the fund allows for monthly dividend payments mid-month.
  • The fund’s annual payout will be calculated September 30 of each year as 5% of the average monthly net asset value over the trailing five years. The calculation is intended to reduce the effects of market volatility on the income payments. Shareholders generally will receive notice of the anticipated fund-level monthly payout amounts for the upcoming calendar year prior to year-end.
  • The fund will have an identical investment profile to the existing T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020 Fund. This includes the same asset allocation, glide path, and underlying funds.
  • The fund is intended initially for individual investor accounts including IRAs and is not intended at this time to be used in defined contribution retirement plan accounts.
  • The Retirement Income 2020 Fund will be co-managed by Jerome Clark and Wyatt Lee, who currently co-manage many other T. Rowe Price Retirement Funds.
  • Mr. Clark has 25 years of investment experience with T. Rowe Price, while Mr. Lee has 18 years of investment experience with the firm.
  • The fund’s net expense ratio is 0.74% and will initially be offered only with an Investor Class. Operating expenses will be capped at 0.25% at least through April 30, 2020.



Sebastien Page, head of T. Rowe Price’s Asset Allocation Group:

“One of the biggest conundrums retirees face is striking the proper balance between receiving payouts from their savings and managing their asset depletion. We believe that this type of managed-payout fund could be a good choice for well-prepared retirees trying to navigate these competing priorities.”

T. Rowe Price has offered asset allocation services to clients for over 25 years and manages $255.2 billion in asset allocation portfolios as of March 31, 2017.

Download a prospectus or obtain one by calling 1-800-541-8803. The prospectus includes investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information that you should read and consider carefully before investing.

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