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In today's dynamic business environment, having a diverse and inclusive workforce is a business and cultural imperative.

At T. Rowe Price, the long-term success of our clients is made possible by the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, talents and experiences of our associates. We believe that our culture of collaboration enables us to identify opportunities others might overlook. 


A commitment to inclusion

By signing the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, we are holding ourselves accountable for building a more diverse firm.

Diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions.

We are continually enhancing our recruitment practices to attract professionals with different backgrounds and experiences. Our programs engage and expose candidates to our culture. A sampling of our programs include:

Pre-M.B.A. Internship Program


The internship program engages diverse candidates who are interested in asset management before they enter their first year of business school.

Stock Pitch Workshop for Women:

This event brings together a diverse group of female M.B.A. students who are entering their first year of school and helps them to be better prepared for an interview in asset management. 

M.B.A Day Program

This is a unique opportunity for first year M.B.A. students to meet with our leading investment professionals in a workshop that highlights our firm and its collaborative culture. 

We put our beliefs into practice.

We created four business resource groups dedicated to advancing key elements of our diversity and inclusion efforts. These employee-led groups play an essential role in maintaining our culture:

MOSAIC @ T. Rowe Price: Advances cultural diversity to help associates and the firm succeed.

Pride @ T. Rowe Price: Ensures all LGBT associates are comfortable bringing their full selves to work.

WAVE @ T. Rowe Price: Helps us attract, develop, advance, and retain principled women.

VALOR @ T. Rowe Price honors the contributions, strength, and experience of veterans and their families

Our leaders are committed to diversity and inclusion. It’s an integral part of our core values as well as a long-term, strategic business priority. Our collaborative culture encourages every associate to bring their point of view to the table--it’s how we help our clients succeed.

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