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Collaboration. Innovation. Integrity.

The culture of T. Rowe Price is built and sustained by our values. Different perspectives, opinions, and experiences are encouraged to yield the best outcomes for our clients and the firm. We also celebrate the unique experiences of our associates and foster their commitment to the communities where they work and live. We believe in the long-term success of our clients, our associates, and the firm.
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Featured: Faces of T. Rowe Price

Samantha Pilon,
Senior Manager,
Relationship Manager for Individual Investors

“We’re very open here, very clear about our mission and goals, both for our clients and our associates. And for me, as a leader, it’s all about those relationships. Working closely with my team and helping our clients save for retirement and for their family – I just love what I do. I love coming to work every day.”

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Phillippa Thomson,
Senior Data Scientist

"I looked at T. Rowe Price because I wanted to marry my finance and technology backgrounds, but what really solidified it for me was seeing that there was a real focus on investment in tech and data, in strategically building systems that would be long-lasting and pay dividends in the future instead of just fixing things when they break."

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Niki Green,
Senior Retirement Sales Executive

“After being in the business for 28 years, I can say one of the things that really sets T. Rowe Price apart is that, from the leadership down, everyone truly works for the benefit of the client. That’s not common, especially in sales.” 

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Shamal Shete,
Senior Business Analyst

“Having a multicultural background gives me an advantage in solving some problems because I have a different frame of reference. I think Indian culture is very accommodating, and when one of my team members has a problem, we can sit and have an honest dialogue, without being too formal.”

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Katie Deal, Washington Policy Associate Analyst


“If our job is to help people have confidence in their futures and achieve whatever they have planned, their identities absolutely influence their goals and should not only be taken into account, but celebrated.”

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Nicolas Lombo,
Senior Legal Counsel

"As a financial firm, T. Rowe Price has done a great job of recruiting and developing attorneys who are at all stages of their career. But for me, because I was early in my career, the support structure brought an eagerness to learn and gave me the advantage of developing a holistic understanding of the business because I was immersed in it at the onset."

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Sunny Oller,
Investment Fellow



“It’s not as important to have highly specialized skills as it is to be passionate about your work. If you’re passionate and adaptable, you can achieve anything

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Manuel Albornoz,
Infrastructure Engineering Senior Manager

"When I started working at T. Rowe Price, even though it was a little intimidating at the beginning, the support I got from my manager, my peers and the inclusive culture helped me to accomplish what I have in my career."

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Courtney Sembly,
Sr. Manager of Intermediary Services


“Starting over was scary, but it’s in that scary, uncomfortable space that real development and growth happens.” 




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Chris Barry,
Fulfillment Project Coordinator


“When applying for a new position my manager was really good about helping me identify my strengths and weaknesses and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. We looked at a lot of the skills I learned in the military and how those translated to my work at T. Rowe Price.” 

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Glenn Falconi,
Education Advisor Representative


“In the military, you’re placed in a position where people’s lives are at stake, and you’d better make sure the details are right. Here in the finance industry, that kind of focus is also critical because a small detail can help change or shift the course of clients’ lives.” 

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Tonya Alonzo,
Senior Manager,
VP of Retirement Plan Services

"We always come back to putting the clients first, to be able to help the clients live successful lives. But really, the firm models that spirit by putting the quality of life of it associates front and center."


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Vinnett Mason,
Client Engagement Manager,
US Intermediaries

“For me, being able to come to work, be my authentic self and know that my thoughts and values are sought after, considered and used is extremely important. That’s one of the key reasons why I choose to stay at T. Rowe Price, because I am able to voice my opinion and know that it will be ultimately heard and actually make a difference.”

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Tammy McPherson,
Head of Institutional, U.K. & Ireland


"When building a sales or relationship management team, it's important to have individuals who reach every part of your client base. There's no value in having teams where each person processes the world in the same way.”


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Terry Wallace,
Senior Web Content Editor


“I am a natural go-getter and I love engaging in community outreach initiatives. T. Rowe Price has helped me cultivate my leadership skills by providing me with a wide variety of opportunities to lead events in and around Baltimore. I take pride in knowing my company is as committed to the wellbeing of the surrounding community as I am.”

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Wearing Many Hats -
But Still Keeping our Heads on Straight

We’re managing client business, our families and our community work – almost entirely from home. Find out what propels this trifecta of progress during these trying times

How T. Rowe Price's Stock Pitch Workshop
for Women Promotes Gender Equity

T. Rowe Price is proactively working to increase the number of women working in the financial services industry. One way T. Rowe Price is doing this is by offering an annual Stock Pitch Workshop for Women. The program's goal is to help young women build the skills and confidence they need to interview for asset management positions.

A group presentation for the T. Rowe Price Stock Pitch workshop program.
Women attend the T. Rowe Price Stock Pitch program event.
Women attend a networking event to promote gender equity in financial services.
Nourishing Communities:
How T. Rowe Price Works with
Local Organizations to End Global Hunger

T. Rowe Price is committed to supporting global hunger relief— the firm maintains alliances across the globe with organizations such as City Harvest London, San Francisco Marin Food Bank, and the Maryland Food Bank. T. Rowe Price also supports food collection and distribution initiatives in every city where it maintains an office.

A T. Rowe Price associate plants vegetables in a garden.
A T. Rowe Price sponsored delivery truck for food transportation.
Two associates collect food to support global hunger relief.
What International Women's Day Means to T. Rowe Price: A Q&A with Cheri Belski

T. Rowe Price will celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) with a global panel podcast and regional discussions embracing the IWD theme of "Balance for Better" as part of the firm's larger, ongoing initiative to increase gender parity, Wave @ T. Rowe Price.

T. Rowe Price associates chat at the International Women's Day event.
Cheri Belski, Head of Retirement, U.S. Intermediaries
Bridging School and Workplace Experiences:
Career Days Offer Learning Opportunities
for Students and Associates

Every year, T. Rowe Price provides hundreds of high school students across the globe an opportunity to participate in a Career Day, an event designed to provide them with insight into the professional workforce and help them develop workplace skills. The firm recently hosted events in Baltimore, Colorado Springs, Sydney, and London.

Career Day, a T. Rowe Price event with area high-school students.
Two students work on a project at Career Day, a T. Rowe Price event.
High school students listen to a presentation at Career Day at T. Rowe Price.
Why T. Rowe Price Values Veterans:
A Q&A with Jacob Pruitt of VALOR

T. Rowe Price believes the diverse perspectives of their associates, ultimately yield the best decisions for clients. With that in mind, the firm launched VALOR @ T. Rowe Price. The new business resource group will serve and support veterans inside the firm and in our communities.

The launch of Valor, the Busines Resource Group focused on veterans.
Jacob Pruitt, a veteran and founder of the Valor business resource group.
Military members at the launch of Valor, a business resource group focused on veterans.

Inclusive, Collaborative, and Client-Centered:
The Enduring Legacy of T. Rowe Price's
Two Women Founders

When reflecting on the origin of the inclusive and collaborative culture at T. Rowe Price, it becomes clear that two pioneering women deserve much of the credit. In 1937, Thomas Rowe Price, Jr. endeavored to build a strategic investment firm dedicated to clients' long-term success.

Marie Walper
A picture of the staff in the 1960's
Isabella Craig